Haarlem – Westergracht

The fatal attack on Fake Krist from the Dutch National Socialist Movement (NSB), October 25, 1944 in Haarlem at the Westergracht. Committed by Gommert Krijger,
alias “Zwarte Kees” from the Dutch resistance.
Then image: Noord Hollands Archief / Collectie NIOD
Now image: www.NOWstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel

3 thoughts on “Haarlem – Westergracht

  1. Hi, are you sure that this is the same location? It looks like on the original picture there is a small canal on the right. I am curious how you came to this spot 🙂

    • Hi Will, the canal is not there anymore because they made the road much larger. They demped the river. (not sure it’s proper english).

  2. Hello from Australia.
    My grandfather was involved in the resistance group in Haarlem. I would be so grateful if you have any more information about this event or him please?

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