Budapest – Liberty Bridge (2)

Russian Soldiers in the city of Budapest near the Liberty bridge in 1944-1945.
Then image: ??
Now image:  / Cor Sleutel

Budapest – Fishermans bastion

Three soviet officers look over the newly conquered Hungarian capital from the terrace of the Fishermans bastion in Budapest 1945.
Then image: Attribution: FOTO:FORTEPAN / Ungváry Krisztián
Now image: LauravdBroek, WW2 Then in Now

Budapest – Liberty Bridge (1)

Russian Soldiers are liberating the city of Budapest of Nazism in 1944-1945. But instead of liberating the city, the Russians occupied the city.
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Now image: / Cor Sleutel

Budapest – Gellert Hill

Two german soldiers are enjoying the view from the Gellert Hill in Budapest. This is one of my favorite shots.
Then image: After the battle magazine issue 40
Original Source: ?
Now image: WW2 Then in Now, Cor Sleutel