Malmedy – Rue Devant l’Etang

An American MP directs traffic from the Rue Devant les Grands Moulins into the
Rue Devant l’Etang in Malmedy.
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Acerno (4) – Via Roma (2)

Operation Avalanche: Allied soldiers of the 3rd battalion from the American 30th infantry regiment are entering the city of Acerno on the 22th of September 1943.
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Großkampenberg (3)

Same allied Soldiers in Großkampenberg, same place.
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Caen – Rue du Général Moulin 132

The battle of Caen, 1944. Location: Rue du Général Moulin 132
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Caen – Rue du General Moulin (N13)

The liberation of the City Caen, 1944 by Canadian Soldiers on the D9A formely known as the the Rue du General Moulin / N13
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Sainte-Mère-Église (6)

US 82nd Airborne Troops in action near the Church in Sainte-Mère-Église Normandy.
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Gressenich – Schevenhütter Straße (3)

A long column of German prisoners walking through Gressenich, Germany during Operation Queen in 1945.
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Weisweiler – Dürener straße

Rendez-vous point in the Dürener straße in Weisweiler during operation Queen.
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Sainte-Mère-Eglise (5)

June 10, 1944: members of the 505th and 507th PIR near to a store at the rue du Carentan (today rue du General-De-Gaulle).
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Kirchherten – Zaunstraße

Late february 1945 the 119th infantry regiment move through Kirchherten, Germany.
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