Munich – Haus der Deutschen Kunst

In the spring of 1936, Adolf Hitler inspects the construction of the “Haus der Deutschen Kunst” in Munich on the Prinzregentenstrasse.
Then photo: Attribution: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-H29050 / CC-BY-SA 3.0
Now Photo: / Cor Sleutel

Singapore (7)

Led by the cruiser’s Royal Marine band, men of HMS JAMAICA march through the streets of Singapore in 1945.
Then image: © IWM (A 30917)
Now image: / Cor Sleutel

Singapore (6)

Liberation and Repatriation August – September 1945: The Supreme Allied Commander, South East Asia, Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten inspects the naval guard of honour outside the Municipal Building, Singapore, prior to the surrender ceremony held there.
Then image: © IWM (A 30487)
Now image: / Cor Sleutel

Hopsten (2)

A Valentine Mk XI artillery OP tank passing through Hopsten, Germany around 6 – 8 April 1945.
Then image: © IWM (BU 3338)
Now image: / Cor Sleutel

Singapore (5)

Lord Louis Mountbatten, Supreme Allied Commander, South East Asia, leads in three cheers for the King during the Victory Parade in Singapore that followed the signing of the formal surrender of all Japanese southern armies.
Then image: © IWM (SE 4726)
Now image: / Cor Sleutel

Amersfoort – Kamperbinnenpoort

On Monday May 7th, 1945 the Canadian Allied Forces entered Amersfoort. The photo shows one of their tanks approaching the Kamperbinnenpoort.
Then image:
Now image: / Cor Sleutel

Singapore (4)

Admiral Mountbatten and Me at the salute as the National Anthem was played, during Japan’s surrrender day at Singapore 12 September 1945.
Then image: © IWM (A 30485)
Now image: / Cor Sleutel / Grace E. Kailuhu

Givenchy-en-Gohelle – Vimy Memorial

When visiting the memorial of Vimy Hitler was also visiting the trenches of WW1 at the same place. I took this shot and i’m pretty sure it’s not the actual location but it is at the same location near the Vimy memorial.
Then image: ??
Now image: / Cor Sleutel

Ypres – Kauwekijnstraat

Hitler in Ypres (Ieper) in 1940. Hitler is visiting the Menenpoort.
Then image:
Now Image: / Cor Sleutel

Goslar – Marktplatz

Hitler in der “Reichsbauernstadt” Goslar . Picture taken at the
Marktplatz Goslar in 1934.
Then Image:
Now image: / Cor Sleutel