Würselen – Kerzeleyweg

Soldiers from the 29th Infantry Division, 116th Infantry regiment in streets of
Würselen, near Aachen 16 October 1944.
Then image: US Signal Corps
Now image: www.NOWstalgia.EU / Cor Sleutel – G.E. Kailuhu



Turqueville – Route des Allies

Recreate the famous Turqueville photo on the Route des Allies back then and now. When we were there I was not aware of the old photo so the angle is different.
Then image: ?
Now image: www.NOWstalgia.EU / Cor Sleutel / J. Dortmundt.

Trier – Paulinstrasse (2)

Around 3000 Wehrmacht soldiers surrendered when capturing Trier. Here some of them are surrendering near the Porta Nigra.
Then image: ??
Now image: www.nowstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel


Canadian Soldier and my girlfriend in Zelzate at the border with Netherlands and Belgium looking for mines (and at instagram)
Then image: Canadaatwar.ca
Now image: www.NOWstalgia.EU / Cor Sleutel

Aachen – Pastorplatz (2)

Me and a GI at the Pastorplatz in Aachen looking at “Feind Hört Mit” graffiti then in 1944 and in 2021.
Then image: ?
Now image: www.NOWstalgia.EU / Cor Sleutel & Grace Kailuhu

Aachen – Pastorplatz (1)

US soldiers of the 26th Infantry Regiment attend to a wounded soldier during street fighting in Aachen, Germany. October 1944.
Then image: ?
Now image: www.NOWstalgia.EU / Cor Sleutel & Grace Kailuhu

Maastricht – Wijcker Waterpoort

German soldiers at the Wijcker Waterpoort, 10 Mai 1940.
Then image: Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1990-102-35A / CC-BY-SA 3.0
Now image: www.NOWstalgia.EU / Grace Kailuhu

Paris – Eiffeltower (7)

Adolf Hitler with Albert Speer and other members of his staff in Paris in 1940 after the armistice with France.
Then image: ??
Now image: www.NOWstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel

Caen – Rue du General Moulin (N13)

The liberation of the City Caen, 1944 by Canadian Soldiers on the D9A formely known as the the Rue du General Moulin / N13
Then image 1): http://www.dday-overlord.com
Then image 2) : http://sgmcaen.free.fr/
Now images: www.NOWstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel


Trier – Paulinstrasse (1)

Allied soldiers are celebrating the victory in Trier, 1944.
Note: Thanks to my friends who did the re-enactment.
Then image: Charles Haacker
Now image: www.nowstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel