Meterik – Schadijkerweg (2)

Soldiers from the Royal Engineers at the mill “Eendracht maakt Macht” or “Unity is Strength” in Meterik, the Netherlands, around december 1944.
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Now image: www.NOWstalgia.EU / Cor Sleutel

Vught – Beresteijnstraat

Canadian Sherman V “ARAMIS II”, Vught, Northern Brabant, The Netherlands, 5 December 1944.
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Now image: www.NOWstalgia.EU / Cor Sleutel

Meterik – Schadijkerweg (1)

Two soldiers from the Royal Engineers, wrapped up against the rain, patrol a road through Meterik (Horst) in Holland, 10 December 1944.
Then image: © IWM B 11683
Now image: www.NOWstalgia.EU / Cor Sleutel

Ede – Arnhemseweg (2)

Sherman tanks of the 5th Canadian Armoured Division and infantry of the 11th Royal Scots Fusiliers, 49th (West Riding) Division, advance through the outskirts of Ede in Holland, 17 April 1945. (note: the archway door is still there but behind the hedge)
Then image: © IWM (BU 4216)
Now image: / Cor Sleutel

Dinther – Schoolstraat

Allied soldiers in september 1944 walking through the village of Dinther, Netherlands.
Note: see the barely visible soldiers behind the car in the merge photo.
Then image: Collection J. van Lamoen (non commercial use)
Now image: / Cor Sleutel

Driebergen – Hoofdstraat (2)

Liberators in the Hoofstraat, Driebergen, the Netherlands in 1945.
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Now image:  / Cor Sleutel

Leende – Dorpsstraat

A Sherman tank of 11th Armoured Division passing through Leende, The Netherlands, 22 September 1944.
Then image: © IWM (B 10255)
Now image: / Cor Sleutel

Amersfoort – Kamperbinnenpoort

On Monday May 7th, 1945 the Canadian Allied Forces entered Amersfoort. The photo shows one of their tanks approaching the Kamperbinnenpoort.
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Now image: / Cor Sleutel

Strijen – The Kaai

German soldiers before ‘t Wapen van Strijen at the Kaai, Strijen.
Note: Note the ornaments on the house that are not there anymore.
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Now image: / Cor Sleutel, 28 April 2018

Erp – Brugstraat

A Pz.I tank tries to cross via the provisionally made bridge over the Aa at Erp, while another Pz.I runs through the shallow river. On 11 and 12 May 1940, the 9th Panzer Division maneuvered through this area.
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Collection: Goossens (non commercial use only)
Now image: / Cor Sleutel 2018