Kleve – Herzogstrasse

Allied soldier removes a swastika flag at the corner of the Herzogstrasse / Bahnhofstrasse, Kleve Germany 1945.
Then image: Source : Bell Archive
Now Photo: www.nowstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel

Kranenburg – Mühlenstrasse (3)

A Brengun-team of the Highland Light infantry is guarding the Mühlenstrasse in Kranenburg, during Operation Veritable.
Then image: © IWM (B14432)
Now image: www.nowstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel

Kleve – Brabanterstraße (1)

Royal Winnipeg Rifles platoon musters in Kleve, Germany, in February 1945, during the Allies’ final push into German territory.
Then image: Bell Archive
Photographer: Captain McDougall
Now image: www.nowstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel

Kleve – Tiergartenstraße (1)

Churchill tank of 6th Guards Tank Brigade and infantry of the 2nd Gordon Highlanders in Kleve, 11 February 1945.
Then image: © IWM (B 14601)
Now image: www.nowstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel

Nütterden – Dorfstraße

Soldiers of 2nd Gordons (15 Scottish Division) pose with a captured Nazi-flag in front of a restaurant at Nütterden
Then photo: ??
Copyright: ?
Now Image: www.nowstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel

Kranenburg – Mühlenstraße (2)

Troops of 15th Scottish Division fire a Bren gun from a damaged house in the town of Kranenburg, 10 February 1945.
Then image: Imperial War Museum
© IWM (B 14403)
Now image: www.nowstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel

Kranenburg – Mühlenstraße (1)

Operation Veritable: 10th HLI celebrating their new trophy with a fresh ‘brew’ at Kranenburg.
Then Photo: Imperial War Museum
Catalogue number: B 14402
Now Photo: www.nowstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel

Kleve – Triftstraße

Churchill tanks drive along a badly damaged Triftstraße in Kleve, Germany, 12 February 1945.
Then image: Wikimedia
Original Source : Imperial War Museum
Catalogue number: B 14513
Creator: No 5 Army Film & Photographic Unit
Now image: WW2 Then in Now, Cor Sleutel

Kranenburg – Große Straße (2)

An Archer in the flooded streets ofKranenburg, 11 February 1945. The buildings are the same buildings as in 1945 only with a brick wall before it as you can see in the second building of the picture.
Then image: © IWM B 14529
Creator: Hewitt (Sgt), No 5 Army Film & Photographic Unit
Now image: WW2 Then in Now, Cor Sleutel

Kranenburg – Große Straße

Troops from the Highland Light Infantry of the 15th Scottish Division roll a large wooden swastika through the city of Kranenburg, Germany 1945.
Then image: © IWM B 14427
Now Image: www.NOWstalgia.eu / Cor Sleutel